6 Years Old Pictures
Page 3


Painting pumpkins

Kiss, kiss

Will and I are done painting

With Meemaw

Mimi wants to paint too.

Time to go to the dentist

My rainbow Kansas outfit

Tinkerbell shoes

My pumpkin from Verna & kids

Hugs from momma

A new mask

Will giving Bella a ride.

Dad and I at the pumpkin patch

Let's go find some pumpkins

Me and my posse

The pumpkin patch

I want that one...over there...no there...

Or 2 or 3 or more pumpkins

Mom, dad, and I

With Bella, Will, and Eli

Tombstone Halloween Party


Dig in...time to eat

Hanging out with MeeMaw

Making our own pizzas

Decorate cookies now


Hey dad, where is mine?

Lots of cookies

Shane has the CLAW

All our Tombstone Cookies

Bella's new chair

Watching all my cousins

Let's have some fun

I'm Tinkerbell

We all love our Tombstone Pizza

That is just scary mom