6 Years Old Pictures
Page 8


Happy New Year

It is another new year

Our first family picture for 2011

Silly Eli

Happy New Year

I am such a diva

Chelsea and I playing Princesses

It's story time with Lily!


I need more lip gloss

I got my bling on, do you???

Cheesing it up

Wearing my Sophia's bow for research

Hangin' with dad

Having fun with Will

Will lost a tooth

Got my Iphone, now who shall I call??

Thanks Aunt Buff

Thanks Tara

Did you hear that? I won an I Pad!!!
Thanks Sophia for drawing my name!

All of my friends

Happy St. Patricks Day

My new bow

Thanks Mrs. Brennan for my "green goodies"

Mom & I cheesing it up

school time

In my chair ready to go for a ride

getting in the van

I'm so excited

WOW, let's go now!!

My first ride in my new van 

Aunt Laura and I are ready

Got my shades on


Thank you everyone who helped
make this ride and all future ones
possible.  You have opened up my
world even further.  I love all of you.


I am having so much fun!!