8 Years Old Pictures
Page 2


Happy to be outside

Grandma picking apples

I want this one

Pumpkin patch

Matching outfits for Victoria and I

I got stickers from the doctor

Mrs. Thompson and I

Mom ♥'s me

Snuggle fest with Ian and Eli

Road trip

Ian mooches

Playing Barbie

My parents

Is it Halloween yet?

Practicing driving a power wheelchair

Thanks Gina and Larkin for the new outfit

Go Buckeyes!

Lily and me

Cousinly love

Mmmmm, cake

Pop bought me Dr. Barbie

School Halloween party via Skype

Looking for the magic in some pixie dust

Happy Halloween

I am the fairest of them all

With Grandma

Snuggling with Grandma and Bella

Pumpkin time with Pop

Ewwww, pumpkin guts

Laughing with my cousins

I love all of them

Thanksgiving love

Uncle Jim and Nikki with me

I'm a superstar and don't forget it

Andrew and Lily with me

Hanging out with Brenda and MJ

Little Chef and Pop

Order up

Addy and me

Doing a Barbie craft with Pop