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Name: Your Mommy!
E-mail: lilyandnathansmom@yahoo.com
I know it is early but I just could not wait...HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet and most precious daughter! At 1:27pm TODAY you came into the world and over-joyed my whole life. Today will be a mixed up kind of emotional day but still today is the day I celebrate you and getting to meet you up front and personal. What a joyous day this was 7 years ago and while this year it is much different I am still so happy to have brought you into the world. You have changed my life forever and ever. I miss you...I miss you so much my sweet Bee girl and it won't be the same without seeing your sweet face when I wake up and wish you a most Happy Birthday. Be looking for the balloons and I hope you will love the flowers I pick out for you. Selfishly I wish you here but knowing you are dancing, jumping, skipping and running does put a smile on my face and I most certainly cannot wait to see you doing all of those things! I'll write more tomorrow I am quite sure....just wanted you to know that I love you and am thinking about you before I drift off to sleep. BIG hugs and BIG kisses to Heaven my big 7 year old girl! You are beautiful....
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Name: Jessica
From: Augusta, Ky
E-mail: jessicasmithers@hotmail.com
Happy birthday sweet Lilly. I know that birthdays in heaven must be amazing! I bet that God makes the best cakes and throws the best birthday parties! So we are sending birthday wishes up to you from our family, watch for our balloon we will send one up for when we have Addyson's party on Sun. it is sealed with hugs and wishes and butterfly kisses. Bless you sweet girl. We miss you.
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Name: Kim McAdams
From: Holliston, MA
E-mail: skylerbingaling@yahoo.com
Tomorrow will be your birthday, Miss Lily. What a bittersweet event. Deep down, I know you will be celebrating in Heaven, with your angel friends - and causing all sorts of trouble, I'm sure! Now that you have all your limbs at your disposal and a nifty set of new wings, I am *sure* that you will be causing all sorts of ruckus. Way to go, girlie girl! But the bitter part of the day still exists. We love you - and we miss you - terribly. PLEASE continue to send your wonderful Mommy all sorts of signs, honey, because I know she could use them. She loves you and just misses you awfully...along with your Noni and Pappy. We want you to enjoy your day to the fullest - but please know that here, on Earth, we love you so much and miss you like crazy!

Lots of love and kisses,
Kim, Skyler, Jeff, Lucas, Casey & Skippy and Logan
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Name: Stacey
From: Gaylord michigan
E-mail: millerstacey@verizon.net
I'm so sad you lost your 2 kids..... They both are in a good place.... I'm sure Nathan an Lily, are playing w/ each other, an having fun.... Keep strong!!!!
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Name: Mommy
E-mail: lilyandnathansmom@yahoo.com
Well baby girl...just sitting here at work wishing I was spending the day with you because it's beautiful outside after the rain last night. I would imagine we would get ready and head out shopping, probably spending more money than we should of course.

Just wanted to say I love you and I know you already know that but I really do, I miss you and my heart is with you as always.

I'm here in Pappy's office because my computer isn't working so I'm looking around and seeing your face all over the place because he loved looking at your pictures too. Noni and Pappy are having a tough time dealing too but I guess we are holding up.

Noni and I took you and Nathan some pretty flowers yesterday and in those flowers were some special ones called "Ballerina Carnation" and they were the prettiest shade of pink and they made me think of you! I betcha you can dance like a dream right now! My how you loved dancing in my arms, remember last year at in town listening to that band and we did the Electric Slide? It was so funny the both of us in the crowd doing that and a few people were worried I would drop you...NEVER! You laughed and laughed as we did it and we did the WHOLE song plus quite a few others. You never laid in the stroller for long because you were always dancing! Remember when I took you to see CCR? LOL! You coudln't see above the crowd so I made sure I lifted you up so you could see the handsome guitar player and he waved at you.

We sure have had good times, I'll always remember them my Bee girl....you have always been such a good girl, my fun and crazy girl with NO fear at all, we did roller coasters, danced, and all kinds of things. We did vacations, shopped...so many things I can cherish. You were such a trooper with everything.

Your birthday is coming up and I am going to miss you so bad. Big ol' 7 years old.....not a baby anymore but you will always be my baby.

I love you Lily and I guess I need to find something to do around here. Maybe if I close my eyes I can imagine you in the office on your "bed" watching your movies and I can go in and kiss you like I did a million times over.

You are still my life and my heart...that will never change.
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Name: Tiffany
From: Ohio
E-mail: sweetpe575@aol.com
They always say the grief will get easier. Its been three years for us and its not. This year has been a huge leap backwards for us infact. The pain is so real lately. They never get easier just different. Hold on to those close to you. They will not rush your healing and they will hold you up through it all.

Love you Amy and your sweet angels

Aunt to Angel
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Mommy
My goodness...I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that it has been 2 weeks now since I last kissed your sweet face or carried you around or watched a Rolie Polie Olie movie with you...one of these days I'm going to pop in one of your movies and close my eyes and just imagine you are there. My girl...I know you are looking out on me and seeing all the tears I am shedding and knowing that a part of me is fighting with the will to simply move on and not want to curl up but of course I know that isn't what you or Nathan would want me to do, I'm just not feeling very strong right now and while I have people around me I am lonely and missing the one thing that means more to me than anything else. I miss YOU my little Bee! I'm going to try, try harder to pull myself out of this deep dark hole I seem to be in. I did have a good vacation but there was still a shawdow over it all and it seems like the closer I got to "home" the harder it was becoming and I've been a wreck since then. I just miss you more than I could have ever imagined or prepared myself for...Noni and Pappy are really struggling too so I feel the need to help them as well (especially Noni) but how can be of much help when I can barely help myself. I spent last night at Steves and oh how I cried, I missed carrying you into his place, settling you in and remember how much you LOVED going to visit him. I knew it would be hard I just didn't realize how hard it would really be, fortunately he was a big help in the mist of my uncontrollable sobbing. I miss you, I miss you every second of everyday and it is excruciating to me to be without you but I know you are fine, happy and playing as you keep telling me. I can't wait to see you one day again....give all the sweet girls and boys my love and of course your sweet brother Nathan who I miss very much as well. Both of you are my reasons for living and trying to continue on right now because at some point I want to make you proud of how I am finding a way to live but I'm just not there right now. (((((HUGS))))) and Kisses all the way from here to eternity......love your mommy
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Aunt Liz, Kalair's mom
Just thinking of you extra tonight, sweet Lily... Aunt Tracy was trying to sign your guestbook earlier, but it kept saying she was banned! Were you teasing her? We always say Kalair doesn't let her Aunt Tracy sign her gb very often. Aunt Liz misses you, Lily Bee, truly I still can't believe you are gone from this earth. Please give my Kalair lots of hugs and kisses from me tonight. Give some to Sky too. And keep those wings around mommy, I have been thinking about her alot and worrying about her even though I know she is strong. You keep telling her the ways to go on. Well princess, it is late so I'd better start getting us ready for bed. How I wish I was getting my princess ready for bed right now too, and how I wish your mommy was getting you ready... Nite, nite, Lily, I will start working on your website very soon. I'd love it if you came to visit me in my dreams.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Hope
From: Kentucky
God Bless You. I can not imagine your pain. You are truly a strong person. Hold it together, they are both watching and waiting for you and one day you will be with your beautiful children again. Let them live through you.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: shelly essary
From: mississippi
E-mail: destiny92401@yahoo.com
Little Lily, you are such a beautiful little angel girl, you were so strong and such an inspiration to me. It was just your time to get your angel wings and fly high litte girl and do all the things you couldnt do here on earth. Know you can play with all the other little sma angels that are there with you. Can you do me a favor and tell my son Kaiden thats there with you that i love him and miss him more than i can say. I pray for your mommy has she to is hurting so much for you, and i know you will be with her and watching out for her. Play hard and have fun our little angel and we will all see you all again!
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