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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Ciji
From: GA
E-mail: cg_rg2003@yahoo.com
I really enjoyed looking at the photos and reading all of the info on your site. My sister had SMA and she passed away in 2002 she was 13 yrs. old and my parents were told she wouldnt make it past her second birthday. I got married in 2003 and shortly after had a daughter. When i found out i was pregnat i was scared to death. i was tested to see if i was a carrier and i was i didnt have my child tested because i knew no matter what God would be here to help me through and a very close family. i know have two kids ages 3 & 4 they are both healthy i would like to have another but im too scared.
Congradulations on you beautiful daughter cherish every moment with her. I'll keep you & your family in my prayers
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: "Aunt" Liz, Kalair's Mom
From: Olathe, Kansas USA
E-mail: kalairsmom@yahoo.com
Miss Lily! This is your long, lost Aunt Liz writing to you. I should be going to bed because I have to get up very early tomorrow to take Kalair's little brother back to his doctor in Utah. But I have been so busy and stressed about packing that now that I'm finally done I can't seem to relax. So I am looking at websites while I unwind, and I thought I'd check on yours and see if that momma of yours had gotten any new pics on here yet! (Ahem, where are they, Amy? I'm more than happy to put them up for you!) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you hello and that I miss you. Does Kalair come to play with you sometimes when Nathan does? I'm sure she does. She missed you too so I am happy for her that she can see you whenever she wants from heaven. Maybe Aunt Liz will make it east again one of these days so I can see you too. Hey, that reminds me, I've been meaning to write to your mommy to tell her about our SMA gathering in Kansas City this June. We would love for you guys to come. It is the weekend of the 27th, and we are excited about how many friends are already signed up to come! It would be AWESOME if you could come too!!! Tell your mommy to email me if she wants to know more about it and I will write back as soon as we are back in town. Well, Lily, I can't believe you will be a big seven year old girl soon. I'm so happy you are staying so healthy and getting so big. I have to go get some sleep now, but I will be back soon to bug your mommy some more until she gets more pictures of you off of her myspace and onto YOUR beautiful website! I love you, Lily Bee...if you see your buddy, Kalair, tell her her mommy says hello. (Amy, please make sure you read all of this message to Lily, except the parts in parentheses that are to you. Thanks!!)
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Stef
From: Victoria BC
E-mail: stefbarber@shaw.ca
Hi Amy and Princess Lily!! I have been thinking about you both lately, and enjoyed the update and pictures on Lily's site!! Amy, you and Steve make a lovely couple and I wish the best for you both and the rest of both of your families in the road ahead that you choose and is best for you!!! All so VERY exciting
Talk to you soon!!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Karen Smithers
From: Augusta,Ky
E-mail: dollmaker52@hotmail.com
Happy Valentines Day Amy and Miss Lily. It is so good to see you back on-line. Lily looks so beautiful in the pics and you look so happy and I am happy for both of you!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Alan Meltzer, MD
I came across your site while researching for informaton on children with special needs. I found your website both informative and personally uplifting as I read about Lilly's resilience.
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