*Lily's January '05 Journal*

January 2005

January 29

Boy do I feel bad...SORRY I have not been updating!  Jama, thank you for signing the guestbook and getting me off my duff and back to doing an update!

Boy, my last entry said I had a head cold...NO WAY!  By that night and the next morning I could NOT breath, AT ALL.  I ended up going to the ER on Sunday afternoon as per orders of my doctor, sat in the ER for ALL afternoon from 2:30pm until 8:30pm, getting X-rays and all that jazz.  Anyway, I ended up having walking pneumonia!  It was awful, I could NOT breath, AT ALL.  Of course by the time I got home Miss Lily was acting sick as well so we have had a few miserable weeks since this started.  Lily spent 2 weeks on bipap, not able to come off of her bipap and really feeling bad.  I cleared up in about an hour but for real it took a couple weeks to feel back to 100% and Lily is about 90% right now, still having a few problems but for the most part feeling much better.   It has just been a rough ROUGH winter, we have NEVER been through this many sicknesses that have been this serious before.  I am soooooo thankful that we have not ended up in the hospital (other than my ER visit), God has been good that is for sure!   I have NEVER felt so bad, my oxygen levels on Saturday and Sunday were around 85% at night which is freakishly low!  If Lily was that low on her O2 I would be having her in the hospital intubated!  Thankfully my mom was able to come over everyday and help to take care of her so I could get some sleep and some rest (thank you Mom!!!).  

Anyway, thank you guys for checking in and please keep us in your prayers, I really do NOT want Lily to have to spend any more of this winter being sick.  I of course have prayed but please add her to your prayers as well if you would.  This has just been a horrible winter.   For now we are taking a break from preschool so she can recoop some...she needs to get back to 100% for a while before we start adding people in the house.  Her doctor really wants me to cancel school for the rest of the year and only do school during the spring and early fall...so who knows how this is going to work out.  I really love her teachers so much and I know she loves them too but if it is best for her to just stay at home with minimal contact for now then that is what we will be doing.  I can reevaluate when it comes time for Kindergarten. 

Again...thanks for checking in on us!  I am so sorry it has been so long since I have written an update, it just got crazy around here...my house looks like a bomb has gone off in it and I have to get organized again now that Lily is feeling better. 

I am off to bed now.   Jama!!!  Thanks for writing, hopefully we can make it to Knoxville this sping/early summer and can catch up with you. 

HUGS to all!


January 7

Had to make a quick entry....my ex-sister-in-law called today.  She gets all of Brian's mail because that is the address he lists as his home address, ANYWAY so the insurance because it is in his name and not mine all the letters etc. get sent to her house.  Debbie called me this morning letting me know that Lily's Powerchair has been APPROVED!!!  How exciting is that?  My girl is getting her chair yeeeee haaaaaa!  I am so excited for her and when I told her she was excited too!  That is going to be so darn cool!!!  They will still have to order everything for it and get it together so it could still take a few months but at least we know it is in the process!!!  I just had to let all of you guys  know.

Also some really good friends of mine, Laurie and Mark Potter gave birth to a little girl named Murphy!   She is totally healthy and I am so happy and excited for them  She arrived on January 5th.  They have a little boy named Marshall who is in heaven with Nathan right now.  You can check out the website if you feel like hopping on over at www.marshallpotter.com and make sure you watch the photo viewer.  I watch it all the time and everytime I cry, it is so beautiful and touching.

I am off to go get my girl ready for bed.  I am sick, still, and just feel yucky yucky yucky right now.   I am kinda doing the chilling thing and just feel blah.  I am so tired but I slept forever last night, went to bed way earlier than I normally do!  Anyway, I have to get her ready for bed so I can get her on pap so I can lay down too.  I am really praying she doesn't get this either!  Poor girl.

Hugs and be excited about the Powerchair!!!!


January 6

I can't believe it has been this long since I have updated the journal! 

This will have to be quick, I have to head to bed because tomorrow morning is school for Miss Lily!

We had a wonderful WONDERFUL Christmas, Lily wasn't so hot on the getting up Christmas morning, I took her into the living room in the morning on bipap so she could chill out.  Anyway, she wasn't quite sure what was going on when we started opening the gifts.  She got lots of nice things and her favorite of the morning was the Oswald Coloring books.  That afternoon we headed over to Noni and Pappy's for the family Christmas dinner.  Uncle Danny and Uncle Steve came over as well as Travis and Dena and of course Noni and Pappy, Lily and myself.  Lily really got into it then and would yell when she wasn't opening gifts...she wanted to open them all no matter who the gift was for.  She was so cute!   Her dress was beautiful for Christmas as well, she looked like a precious little angel.

New Years Eve was quite nice too, we had Donna and Zachary over to "party" with us.  Lily was ok with it, she didn't like the movie we were watching so she ended up staying back in her room for most of the evening but she was fine with that.  She stayed up late and made it to see the new year in and of course she was my sweet New Years Kiss :).  Travis and Dena stopped over as well and stayed to see the New Year in with us too.  We all had a very nice time. 

Lily started back to school on Monday and she wasn't to happy about it.  The only thing she was thrilled about was the art and craft time which is her favorite anyway.  She did an ok job but was ready for them to leave so I hope tomorrow is a much nicer day.

Today I am sick, yuck.  I have a cold, just a head cold.  Of course I worry about her getting it so I guess I will know in the next day or two but there isn't much I can do about it.   This has by far been our sickest winter so far and I hope we can stay healthy the rest of the winter!

Hugs to all!!!