Van for Madison Woodard


My daughter Madison will be 2 May 5. Turning 2 is a huge milestone for a child with the disease my daughter has. She was born with a rare genetic disease known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1. This is a fatal disease that has no cure. Madison requires tons of equipment that help keep her alive everyday. Its so hard to take her places and let her enjoy life as normal as we can make it. The vehicle we have now, will barely hold all of her equipment plus her easy s stroller. We really want Madison to be able to experience things that a healthy child gets to experience. Right now we cant do that. She's a very smart and happy child. SMA does not affect her cognitive skills. It just affects all muscles in the body. Winning this van will help us be able to take her so many places and let her be a kid. This would be a wonderful 2nd birthday gift.

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