A TLSO Back Brace  helps  Matthew  play, eat and do his school work. He tires much faster if not using his brace due to lack of muscle. He will fall over and slouch  if not wearing. Matthew has worn a back brace since he was 1 yrs old. He knows it helps him a great deal and will ask to wear it. He has had about 12  made.
The making of his brace: 7:30 am  we arrive  for  all castings. Matthew  is placed  on a small strap  that is attached to a special table. Matthew has several hands holding him in place.
A  chin strap is cinched tight  to keep him aligned. Matthew is stretched from head to toe  and is holding very still.
The plaster gauze is wrapped around  Matthews Torso by Marvin from Valley Orthopedic.
There is a previous x-ray so he can judge how to make the brace.
 After the mold has dried and hardened, Matt is pushed off to x-ray to double check the casting. 
Matthew get his brace cut off and the mold is finished.  It is sent off  with Marvin for the final product. It is made from a soft foam material, He cuts, trims and sews the brace together and adds Velcro straps and gets the fit just right every time.
Thank you Marvin for 9 great yrs and 12  awesome fitting back braces!!!
and Thank you to  Matthews Doctor, Dr Osebold at Shriners Hospital.
 He prefers to be in the casting room unlike other doctors.. He is there to give support to Matthew and a helping hand and  advice. The assistant is always very helpful and caring and is very respectful also.

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