My Therapists & Doctors

MDA Orthopedic Doctor Vivian Moise

Cheryl, my P.T. 

Dr. Piston,  Primary Physician

Sheryl Holder,  Nurses Assistant @ Shriner's Hospital

Ginette,   P.T.  1999,  at St. Luke's. 

Dan O.T.  2000,  From Guilds' School and Neuromuscular Center

Dave,   P.T.  1999  at St. Luke's.

Dr. Osebold, Matthews Back doctor at  Shriner's Hospital

Chad Duce, Rehab Technology supplier for his Wheelchair

Chad Duce, Rehab Technology supplier for his Wheelchair

Dani, Matthews School P.T.

  She helps with special  positioning in Matthew's  chair, Bed, Recliner and taught slide board transfers and stretching. She has all around great advice with many issues that arise with Matthew. we are so happy to know her and to have her help.
Nancy, Matthew's school O.T.
  She teaches him some new programs to use on his laptop.

Nancy also helps with special trays, tables, and seating supports and additional equipment for Matthew to use at school and home. Very knowledgable, and a great fun support person for Matthew and I.