My Therapy


Here is some Equipment that Matthew has had to use when he was 1-3  yrs old. He does not do much therapy now as it was wearing him out to much and progressing his disease and giving him really bad tremors and making him really weak. Matthew is 10 yrs old now. He does get P.T. and O.T. through the School District as needed.

Matt in car powered by a big switch that Matt would hit to drive.

Matts play swing

Making duckies move around the track by moving his head with Dan

Matts first manual chair

Matts Activity table

Floor sitter

Matts first Stander

Potty chair

Second stander Helps contractures, spine and bones to stay strong

Dunkin Woody in cereal in kid cart chair and activity table

Janet doing swim therapy

Janet doing swim therapy

Dave swim therapy

Dave swim therapy


Dan testing Matt in a loaner chair to see if he could  drive an electric chair. Had to prove to insurance.

Matt playin at school with Cheryl