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Name: ?
Hey Morgan!
how are you?
i miss you!
i bet you don't know what the play Wicked is do you? well it's a musical about two witches, but in one of the songs it says "you'll be with me, like a handprint on my heart " i don't know, it just made me think of you.
i love you and miss you every day!
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Name: Sissy
From: Virginia Beach
E-mail: mlpeabody@cox.net
Hello, Precious Girl. I like your new guestbook format. I have been reading a novel called Hill Towns which talks about Trinity College in Georgia. The first several pages referred to "The Mountain," but it wasn't until I really became intrigued with the book that I found out the name of The Mountain is Morgan. You truly are everywhere and I love that! You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart.


Your Sissy
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Name: Lisa
From: Sheffield, England
Hi Morgan! Wow, I think I am the first person to sign your NEW Guestbook! for 2008! I was just passing by and thought I would say Hi! Your Mommy has been telling me all about Trixy - she is so beautiful and cute! I love her eyes! Your Mommy sent me the pictures of her sitting on your step. Apparently she was sitting there for most of the morning, but then you knew that didn't you, because you were probably sitting there too! When your Mommy tells me all about how clever Trixy is, I think she has a little 'helper' showing her what to do! I'm right aren't I?! Keep up the good work Morgan! I will pass by soon to say hello, until then, remember how much you are loved and thought about down here! With love as always, Lisa, Elijah and Mackenzie xxxx
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