Muscles For Muscles

The 2004 Azalea Festival Strongman Challenge
April 24, 2004
Norfolk Botanical Gardens
Norfolk, Virginia

Morgan's Buddies, Tidewater Chapter of Fight SMA is thrilled to be a part of The 2004 Azalea Festival Strongman Challenge at the Norfolk International Azalea Festival - A Salute to NATO. The Strongmen will walk the Farmers Walk to benefit those who canít. 

Strongmen Walk to Fight SMA

Sponsor a Strongman's Walk to Fight SMA

?    In the Farmers Walk Event, each Strongman, carrying a 240 pound cylinder in each hand, will walk 4 laps [50 feet per lap for a total distance of 200 feet].

?     The Strongman who goes the furthest distance without dropping the cylinders for the fastest time wins the event.

?     Pick a Strongman Indicate in Feet, the distance that he needs to walk with the 240 pound cylinders. Indicate the amount of money you are pledging per foot.

What is SMA?

?      Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), is the NUMBER ONE genetic KILLER of        CHILDREN under the age of two.

?      One in every 4,900 babies is born with SMA.

?      One in every 35 people carries the gene that causes SMA.

?      SMA can strike anyone of any age, race or gender.

?      SMA is the most likely disease to be cured within the next four years according to the NIH.