Halloween 2002!

colin_outside.jpg (124681 bytes)

Colin enjoying the crisp, fall weather


colin_and_glowing_pumpkin.jpg (89888 bytes)

Colin and his pumpkin

halloween0005.jpg (120029 bytes)

Casey and his pumpkin

Colinchewingonbendy.jpg (142083 bytes)


Colin and Daddy

halloween0008.jpg (104304 bytes)

Mom and Derek Jeter


colin_playing_with_icing.jpg (71845 bytes)

Daddy and Colin playing with icing on the brownies! Naughty, naughty!

halloween0010.jpg (108686 bytes)

Elmo playing at Aunt Chris's

halloween0011.jpg (119647 bytes)

Our friend, Alex, as a Bat


Mommy_Tigger_and_Derek2.jpg (57828 bytes)


good_tigger_and_derek_vert.jpg (41255 bytes) derek_and_elmo_close_up.jpg (48823 bytes)




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