Aunt Chris's house and Easter 2003:

Colin getting ready to dye eggs 2.jpg (30908 bytes)

"We're ready!"

Casey getting ready to dye eggs.jpg (31974 bytes)

"Lets go, MOM!"

Mommy and Colin dying eggs.jpg (28815 bytes)

"This is fun!"

Look at me.jpg (26776 bytes)

"Look at me!"

Mommy and Casey dying eggs.jpg (28473 bytes)

"I'm pretty artistic!"

Casey and his basket.jpg (35917 bytes)

Lots of loot from the Easter Bunny

Colin and his basket.jpg (33184 bytes)


Colin and the butterfly.jpg (28287 bytes)

Colin and Casey posed.jpg (23168 bytes)

Maybe we'll get a better shot next time!

Colin and the Twizzler 2.jpg (23837 bytes)

Treats from the Easter Bunny

Captain Casey Feathersword.jpg (35314 bytes)

Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!

Colin in the king size bed.jpg (19283 bytes)

"See where I got to sleep!"

another captain feathersword2.jpg (29360 bytes)




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