June 2003:   Misc. Stuff

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Colin using his Pal Pad...

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...turning on and off the railroad Crossing light!  Thanks, Billy S.!

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June 7, 2003

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Frank, Casey and Harley at the Shelburne Museum

June 11, 2003

Harley, Casey and Nora, CUTE.jpg (107062 bytes)

Happy Harley, Casey and Teacher, Mrs. Murtagh (Nora)

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On the Carousel!

Carousel 3.jpg (88845 bytes)

They got to ride 3 times!


Lolipop at end.jpg (95128 bytes)

Lollipops with Harley

colin close better .jpg (60241 bytes)

Handsome haircuts...

First cmputer generated art.bmp (360054 bytes)

Colin did this in "Paint" with his teacher, Jennifer, and his new marble mouse

casey new haircut best one.jpg (81826 bytes)

...and fresh from the tub!





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