January  2004!   Casey's 7th Birthday!

Colin in sling0004.jpg (83945 bytes)

Playing on his belly which is his favorite play position!

Colin in sling0008.jpg (95013 bytes)

I have lots of fun with my marbles and cars!

casey's 7th0002.jpg (91682 bytes)

Casey and his birthday table full of cards and gifts!


casey's 7th0003.jpg (93208 bytes)

Aunt Chris and Casey

casey's 7th0004.jpg (93004 bytes)

Aunt Peggy and Casey


casey's 7th0007.jpg (101200 bytes)

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Casey

casey's 7th0006.jpg (55986 bytes)

Colin is very happy with his "consolation" prize of an Oswald video from Aunt Chris

casey's 7th0009.jpg (110007 bytes)

Opening a gift


new outfit.jpg (90397 bytes)

Casey all duded up in his new outfit from Kim


new outfitand bowling0006.jpg (57688 bytes)

Cutie-Pie, Joseph

CaseyGeneJospehbowling.jpg (78416 bytes)

Daddy and Casey bowling with Joseph looking on...


TomBrady0002.jpg (79264 bytes)

Here's Casey as Tom Brady; Go PATRIOTS!




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