Camp Inspiration!   June 12-June 15, 2004

Double "H" Hole in the Wall Camp, Lake Luzerne, N.Y.

(These are from Counselor Susan)

walking.jpg (72930 bytes)

Strolling around camp.

fishing.jpg (113016 bytes)

Casey really enjoyed fishing!

fCasey and Gene with little fish.jpg (86605 bytes)

Casey he had lots more luck fishing with Dad than with me or Carrie!

ONeill family swimming.jpg (40318 bytes)

Here we are in the UBoats!

Colin and Gene swimming.jpg (48597 bytes)

Colin really did enjoy himself, but you can't tell in this photo!

bunny.jpg (67600 bytes)

Petting the bunny at the Happy Barn

Casey and Mom swimming.jpg (54197 bytes)

Casey loved being swished around in the water!

Casey and the bunny.jpg (71083 bytes)

I think Daddy liked the bunny more than Casey!

Casey and Gene on carriage ride.jpg (53118 bytes)

Cowboy Casey and Daddy on the carriage ride


Sue and Colin carriage ride.jpg (98936 bytes)

Our second time around!

Casey touching Prince's nose.jpg (87100 bytes)

Petting Prince on the nose

Sue Colin and Carrie.jpg (78403 bytes)

Mom, Colin and Counselor Carrie





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