Camp Inspiration!

Double "H" Hole in the Wall Camp, Lake Luzerne, N.Y.

(These are my digital pictures)

Camp Inspiration0001.jpg (68747 bytes)

Colin, Casey and Counselor Susan having some down time on Casey's bed.

Camp Inspiration0003.jpg (136657 bytes)

Counselor Carrie, Mom and Casey trying to catch fish!

Camp Inspiration0004.jpg (119316 bytes)

Kiss the fish before you throw it back!

Camp Inspiration0005.jpg (104103 bytes)

Casey and Daddy caught lots!

Camp Inspiration0006.jpg (82046 bytes)

Casey in Arts & Crafts.

Camp Inspiration0009.jpg (102580 bytes)

Colin caught the BIGGEST fish with Counselor Carrie!



Camp Inspiration0011.jpg (116662 bytes)

Daddy is proud!

Camp Inspiration0008.jpg (96502 bytes)

Colin making a keychain.  "Blue, red, red, blue, blue, red"  (his favorite colors!)

Camp Inspiration0010.jpg (114757 bytes)

A HUGE largemouth bass!

Camp Inspiration0012.jpg (98927 bytes)

Casey and Daddy petting the bunny

Camp Inspiration0014.jpg (115858 bytes)

Colin's turn

Camp Inspiration0015.jpg (125638 bytes)


Camp Inspiration0016.jpg (105559 bytes)

Not sure if he likes it!


Camp Inspiration0017.jpg (100307 bytes)

Casey wanted another turn




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