Camp Inspiration!

Double "H" Hole in the Wall Camp, Lake Luzerne, N.Y.

(These are my digital pictures, page 2)

Camp Inspiration0018.jpg (107613 bytes)

We're off on our carriage ride!

Camp Inspiration0019.jpg (116801 bytes)

We all had a great time!

Camp Inspiration0020.jpg (102854 bytes)

Colin really did like it even if he doesn't look like it here!

Camp Inspiration0021.jpg (93457 bytes)

Casey and Daddy snugglin' on the ride.

Camp Inspiration0023.jpg (106367 bytes)

Casey on our 2nd time around!

Camp Inspiration0025.jpg (119143 bytes)

Carrie and her sister, Emma.



Camp Inspiration0028.jpg (121024 bytes)

The Wish Boat ceremony explained

Camp Inspiration0024.jpg (115942 bytes)

Getting our Wish Boats ready to sail.Camp Inspiration0026.jpg (116881 bytes)

A family shot!


Camp Inspiration0029.jpg (109971 bytes)

Lighting our candles

Camp Inspiration0030.jpg (109483 bytes)



Camp Inspiration0032.jpg (127546 bytes)

Carrie launching our Wish Boats

Camp Inspiration0035.jpg (88187 bytes)

Casey and Counselor Carrie and Nurse Sue!









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