Family Photos!

April 2006

Part IV

pre_easter_and_easter_017.jpg (154605 bytes)

Posing on Easter morning 

pre_easter_and_easter_018.jpg (148739 bytes)

All dressed up!

pre_easter_and_easter_021.jpg (156306 bytes)

pre_easter_and_easter_022.jpg (162169 bytes)

Spending the day at Aunt Chris's

pre_easter_and_easter_023.jpg (90243 bytes)

Easter gifts for AC



pre_easter_and_easter_024.jpg (152608 bytes)

pre_easter_and_easter_027.jpg (71788 bytes)

Cake made by moi!

pre_easter_and_easter_028.jpg (169588 bytes)

Napping boys (not really, only Daddy is REALLY sleeping!)

pre_easter_and_easter_029.jpg (157691 bytes)

Smooching and smooshing!


pre easter and easter 030.jpg (67569 bytes)

Playing with shrimp!


pre_easter_and_easter_034.jpg (155451 bytes)

pre_easter_and_easter_036.jpg (143324 bytes)

Colin_outside_SB_sunglasses_closer.jpg (268111 bytes)

Soaking up the sun

pre_easter_and_easter_032.jpg (132626 bytes)

 Grandpa reads to Collie


pre_easter_and_easter_031.jpg (102805 bytes)

Playing with Mama's flowers

pre_easter_and_easter_033.jpg (95078 bytes)

Pig-nosed Daddy

Casey_and_Colin_outside_after_school.jpg (289490 bytes)

Meeting Casey after school


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