Colin's 4th Birthday!!!

Part 2

dressedup.jpg (61302 bytes)

All dressed up.

vest1.jpg (57346 bytes)

Too handsome for words!

candles1.jpg (280734 bytes)

Colin's cake on his 'real' birthday.

puttingoutcandles1.jpg (284864 bytes)


anothergift.jpg (236586 bytes)

Opening gifts!

billy3.jpg (309462 bytes)

Thanks, Billy!

caseyyankee2.jpg (237096 bytes)

Thanks, Billy!

gug3.jpg (261189 bytes)

Thanks to our Hugs and Hope friends, the Gugisberg's!

openingbilly2.jpg (314298 bytes)


mamacollie1.jpg (241516 bytes)

Mama and her boy

vestswing.jpg (297235 bytes)

Happy, happy, happy!

cute.jpg (220611 bytes)

Cute, cute, cute!




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