Colin's Medical and Respiratory Equipment 


Colin_in_power_with_bap_front2.JPG (157747 bytes)



Here is Colin driving his Invacare TDX3.   It's a totally custom system.  We love it because it has power recline (we control it) so he can lay back if he needs it.  It also has a gambrel equipment tray so when it reclines, the tray moves with the chair.

Colin_in_power_reclined_some_side_view.JPG (267240 bytes)

Reclined some...

Colin_in_power_reclined_a_lot_side_view.JPG (261881 bytes)

...reclined a lot.

 rcolinsarmtrough0001.jpg (138907 bytes)

Colin has a special arm trough to rest his arm in.

rcolinsarmtrough0002.jpg (141052 bytes)

We need to put a strap around his arm because he'll take his arm off and not be able to get it back in place







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