Family Photos!

February 2006

Part II

Collie_with_confetti_2.jpg (37885 bytes)

Covered in confetti!

Gospelfest_06.jpg (25817 bytes)

Gospel fest 2006 (awful picture, but the only of of the 3 of them!)

singleswitchshooting.jpg (167622 bytes)

Casey LOVES his computer games!colinsue1.jpg (135744 bytes)

Cute Colin and Mama in their Auntie Jenny hats!


kidsplayinggame.jpg (196132 bytes)

...Alaina and Greg came for a playdate...


Alaina__Collie.jpg (152285 bytes)


caseygregcheckers.jpg (191213 bytes)

 Yankees VS. RedSox Tic-Tac-Toe War!


Colin_computer_switch.jpg (155763 bytes)

Colin likes playing the computer, too.

Mom_Casey_sleeping_and_Colin.jpg (187647 bytes)

Mama and Casey napping, Colin protesting!





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