Family Photos!

February 2006

Caseysnewseat.jpg (95180 bytes)

Casey is getting a new seating system for his power chair

Caseysnewseat__7_.jpg (89722 bytes)

Getting a new headrest, too.

Caseysnewseat__1_.jpg (91169 bytes)

It's molded to him with some special foam!

Colin_in_blue_and_red_011.jpg (149427 bytes)

Cute Collie...


Colin_in_blue_and_red_013.jpg (98742 bytes)


Colin_in_blue_and_red_018.jpg (112679 bytes)


Colin_in_blue_and_red_019.jpg (138416 bytes)

... and more!

Sasha_laying_down_2_6_06.jpg (139268 bytes)



Sasha_2_6_06.jpg (97408 bytes)

So pretty!








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