Family Photos!

March 2006

Part II

sasha_on_st._pats_002.jpg (117811 bytes)

Isn't she sweet?

sasha_on_st._pats_005.jpg (119443 bytes)

Sasha; Proud of her heritage???

sasha_on_st._pats_003.jpg (116876 bytes)

The hat was a little too much for her to handle!

Colins_1st_lost_tooth0001.jpg (88219 bytes)

Colin lost his first tooth!

Colins_1st_lost_tooth0002.jpg (155361 bytes)

So proud!

Colins_1st_lost_tooth0003.jpg (163075 bytes)


Colins_1st_lost_tooth0011.jpg (111005 bytes)

Click on the tooth to see Colin's Special page created by MJ



Colins_1st_lost_tooth0009.jpg (141656 bytes)

Colins_1st_lost_tooth0013.jpg (122199 bytes)

Casey thought we were nuts making such a big deal about it!

After_the_tooth_fairy1.jpg (161063 bytes)

The Tooth Fairy came!

After_the_tooth_fairy_2.jpg (175092 bytes)

 Whoo hoo!  10 bucks!


Casey_Julie_Colin_Sky_Chair1.jpg (144692 bytes)

These three can't have any more fun or they'd burst!

Casey_Julie_Colin_Sky_Chair_2.jpg (163779 bytes)


Casey_Julie_Sky_Chair_Happy.jpg (145563 bytes)

Quality time!


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