Odds & Ends, and Easter!

March and April 2005

Caseyshaving2.jpg (254118 bytes)

Nurse Julie shaving Casey's sideburns!

Caseyandeggs.jpg (235425 bytes)

Casey and Nancy R.

Colinreadyforeggs.jpg (98213 bytes)

Ready to dye eggs

ColinandDaeggs2.jpg (108095 bytes)

Dada and Colin going at it

momandcaseyinAM.jpg (267952 bytes)

Casey waking up on Easter morning

maandcaseysunglasses.jpg (256369 bytes)

Mama and Casey in the Sky chair

fourofus1.jpg (228886 bytes)

The four of us getting ready to look for Easter baskets

Daandcollieonglider.jpg (281275 bytes)

Casey and Dada checking out Easter stuff

posing4.jpg (269324 bytes)

Handsome...handsome, handsome...

posing3.jpg (285019 bytes)


basketsatacs.jpg (271802 bytes)

Baskets at Aunt Chris's

dinner2.jpg (276528 bytes)

Our Easter supper at Aunt Chris's




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