Family Photos!

May 2006

Part IV

Outside_026.jpg (175195 bytes)

We are very proud of Casey's Science Award!

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Tried to get a couple more pictures

Outside_011.jpg (187197 bytes)

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Devon

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Sister is pretending to be a stuffed animal

Outside_051.jpg (190951 bytes)

Doing a little driving inside

Outside_050.jpg (195083 bytes)

Outside_054.jpg (181414 bytes)

Cake made by moi!

Outside_047.jpg (187987 bytes)

Me and my Collie

Shelburne_Farms_001.jpg (247952 bytes)

Fieldtrip to Shelburne Farms with Pre-school

Shelburne_Farms_004.jpg (244249 bytes)



Shelburne_Farms_002.jpg (238627 bytes)

 We both loved the tractor




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