Family Photos!!

 May 2005

MJ and Brenda visit!

Class_photo0002.jpg (203614 bytes)

MJ and Brenda came to visit!  

Mrs. Gage's 2nd Grade Class 

Day_1_in_class0001.jpg (177724 bytes)

They loved having MJ visit!

Day 1 in class0002.jpg (96769 bytes)

Casey is using his DynaVox here

playing computer0001.jpg (89836 bytes)

Playing computer together

adoring.jpg (122663 bytes)

Casey looking adoringly at MJ!

MJ_and_Trina.jpg (126792 bytes)

MJ and Trina, Angel Kassidy's Mom

JacquiegettingherB4SMA0001.jpg (181518 bytes)

Jacquie with her blanket and gifts from B4SMA Thegang0003.jpg (174669 bytes)

The Gang!

JacquiegettingherB4SMA0004.jpg (154865 bytes)

Jacquie, Carrie and Calvin

MJCaseySuesblankie.jpg (155437 bytes)

Snugglin' with the afghan that Nurse Sue made for B4SMA




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