Family Photos 

November 2006

coafterhaircutR0002.jpg (126673 bytes)

Handsome, with new hair cut!

coafterhaircutR0008.jpg (88814 bytes)


CaseyandSantaOurLadyofGraceR0002.jpg (168475 bytes)

Casey and Santa at Our Lady of Grace Christmas Bazaar

ColinandSantaOurLadyofGraceR0002.jpg (153551 bytes)

Colin and Santa

caseyandmoneyshirtR0004.jpg (131022 bytes)

Casey won 1st prize in the children's raffle!




colinblowsoutcandleR0001.jpg (135694 bytes)

Colin blew out a candle for the first time ever!

colinblowsoutcandleR0003.jpg (126125 bytes)

PJ, his new SLP, and I are so proud!




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