Family Photos

August 2005

caseysfirstday0001.jpg (120709 bytes)

Ready for 3rd Grade!

caseysfirstday0004.jpg (116109 bytes)

caseysfirstday0005.jpg (111082 bytes)

I'm going to miss my brother!



caseysfirstday0006.jpg (146749 bytes)

Ready for the inclement weather

Caseydriving.jpg (206807 bytes)

Power on!

GCandCollieswinging0001.jpg (157005 bytes)

Grandma Canosa and Colin swing and read

Colincowboypjs0001.jpg (141919 bytes)

Special cowboys PJs from Terry and 

Colincowboypjs0005.jpg (122998 bytes)


Colin_in_All_Star_red0001.jpg (93837 bytes)

All Star!

Colin_in_All_Star_red0002.jpg (89007 bytes)
Colin_bubble_blower_foot.jpg (157241 bytes)

Colin using his green jelly bean switch with his Elmo bubble blower

Colin_toes_jelly_bean_switch.jpg (158001 bytes)

Colin can use his toes...

Colin_using_fingers_w_jelly_bean.jpg (159742 bytes)

...and his fingers!



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