My pre-school class went to Hackett's Apple Orchard!

We had lots of fun!   

Mommy, Daddy, Nurse Nancy and Shannon (she's my new communication facilitator), all drove up in our van.  We beat the bus! 

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First, we played on the playground.  I sat on a big rock, a boat, a fort, and talked with some of my friends.  It was good to see them in person instead of just on TV school!

Next, we saw how they wash apples and sort them and stuff like that.  They grow lots and lots of different kinds of apples.  Did you know that apple cider is made up of many different kinds of apples?  

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Then, we went into the orchard and learned more about growing apples.  We also learned about how to pick them so we don't damage the bud--"eye to the sky"!!

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Daddy's helping me here....

colinappleorchard0008.jpg (175044 bytes)   colinappleorchard0009.jpg (183301 bytes)

...and Mommy's helping me here!

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Here are some of my classmates!

colinappleorchard0011.jpg (173530 bytes)   colinappleorchard0012.jpg (165239 bytes)

We all got to ride on the wagon pulled by the big farm tractor!  Mr. Hackett is a good driver.

colinappleorchard0013.jpg (175522 bytes)

I really had a good time, and the weather was perfect!  





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