Camp Inspiration!   June 14-June 19, 2005

Double "H" Hole in the Wall Camp, Lake Luzerne, N.Y.

Part 3

(These are from my digital camera)

campinspiration050032.jpg (125667 bytes)

Prince the horse was gracious and gave us all rides despite the rain!

campinspiration050034.jpg (109651 bytes)

Casey and I getting under way...

campinspiration050035.jpg (99627 bytes)

Both boys were really happy...

campinspiration050036.jpg (115265 bytes)

...even though it doesn't look like it!

campinspiration050037.jpg (94017 bytes)

The birds of prey were awesome!

campinspiration050039.jpg (60535 bytes)

Colin playing his first car driving video game!

campinspiration050038.jpg (72769 bytes)

Red-tailed hawk, I believe

campinspiration050040.jpg (97141 bytes)

Everyone is getting ready for the dance

campinspiration050041.jpg (74796 bytes)

There were lots of disco lights and bubbles!

campinspiration050042.jpg (66960 bytes)

Popping bubbles.

campinspiration050043.jpg (82560 bytes)

The four of us at the dance

campinspiration050045.jpg (89959 bytes)

Casey getting a free haircut





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