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Casey and Colin were featured on the web site Hugs and Hope in November 2002.  For those of you that aren't familiar with Hugs and Hope it is an online "club" which has a goal of bringing joy, love, laughter and hope to kids that are sick or have life-long illnesses.  Each month several kids are featured.  Their story and updates are posted for members to check in and see how the kids are doing and see what kinds of things might bring them some cheer.  Members are asked to send a card, email or small gift to any of the kids.

Several kids with SMA have been featured.  MJ and Kimi were featured first.   Next came Skylar S., Casey and Colin, Samantha D., Aschdon B.  Then Emma, Nick and Ryan.

Since the boys have been featured we have become part of the Hugs and Hope family which is amazing!  I've "met" many, many wonderful people.

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The boys were RE-featured March of 2005.  The members try hard not to "forget" some of the kids that were featured in the past. 

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