Family Photos 

January 2006

caseypjsskychair.jpg (270299 bytes)

Casey enjoying a day off in his PJs swinging in the sky chair, listening to tunes!

AC_and_Val_shoot_001.jpg (107828 bytes)

Aunt Chris's birthday! 

 January 14th

AC_and_Val_shoot_002.jpg (85034 bytes)

Colin loves to help with putting out the candles!

AC_and_Val_shoot_004.jpg (118556 bytes)

Casey is not too happy when other people have birthdays!

AC_and_Val_shoot_003.jpg (70584 bytes)

He could do this all night long!

AC_and_Val_shoot_005.jpg (112669 bytes)

Colin, trying to blow out the candles.


AC_and_Val_shoot_006.jpg (161335 bytes)

The birthday table.

AC_and_Val_shoot_020.jpg (134168 bytes)

We had a Valentine's Day photo shoot--a little early!

AC_and_Val_shoot_022.jpg (79448 bytes)


AC_and_Val_shoot_023.jpg (75415 bytes)


momcaseytent.jpg (161098 bytes)

Me and Casey snuggling in his Sponge Bob tent from Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill






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