January 2007

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spa day, burn, Valentine's Day pose

Caseybubblingfeet.jpg (189084 bytes)

Nurse Julie gives Casey a special spa day

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Wearing his Auntie Jenny hat was part of the special treatment

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Burn_first_night1.jpg (183966 bytes)

Casey got a burn from a microwaveable heat wrap

 Burn_first_night2.jpg (184938 bytes)

The other leg

posingforsmavalentines1.jpg (243241 bytes)

AC and her birthday flowers from Mom and Dad

posingforvalentines2.jpg (268234 bytes)

Hanging out in Casey's chair with his handsome haircut--oh yeah, and his monkey...

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Now his burn has turned into a huge blister (which we eventually popped) 

100_0064.jpg (259351 bytes)

Colin is ready for action!






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