Family Photos 

June 2005!

Balloon_fest_06050001.jpg (110590 bytes)

We went to the Balloon Festival at the fairgrounds.  

Balloon_fest_06050002.jpg (133710 bytes)

We didn't get the best pictures, but I wanted to put some up.

Balloon_fest_06050004.jpg (156551 bytes)

 It was VERY hot and sunny! 

 Colinandheathertvschool0001.jpg (188334 bytes)

Colin during his school day

Colinandheathertvschool0004.jpg (178661 bytes)

 Heather, Colin's Communication Facilitator (CF)

Casey_for_Gail0002.jpg (135552 bytes)

Gail (from VNA) gave Casey this life size Johnny Damon...

Casey_for_Gail0005.jpg (136557 bytes)

and these Red Sox shirts!!

ColinredsoxoutfitAC0005.jpg (292587 bytes)

Colin_damon_back.jpg (164974 bytes)

Of course, they are Johnny Damon #18 shirts!

 ColinredsoxoutfitAC0002.jpg (287382 bytes)

Here's Collie with the outfit Aunt Chris bought for him




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