Our Visit to Massachusetts:

May '04

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Casey getting a dolphin painted on his face!

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Our buddy, MJ!

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Connor, MJ and Casey

MAwalkreillysmcadams0007.jpg (73413 bytes)

Colin on "pappy"

MAwalkreillysmcadams0008.jpg (107221 bytes)

MJ and Brenda hanging at the McAdam's house

MAwalkreillysmcadams0009.jpg (91093 bytes)

Tracy and Skylar

MAwalkreillysmcadams0011.jpg (69836 bytes)

Skylar and Casey holdin' hands...awwwww

MAwalkreillysmcadams0010.jpg (93788 bytes)

Another one!

MAwalkreillysmcadams0012.jpg (89217 bytes)


MAwalkreillysmcadams0013.jpg (131256 bytes)

The motley crew...

MAwalkreillysmcadams0016.jpg (123285 bytes)

MAwalkreillysmcadams0020.jpg (140435 bytes)

Even 'motlier' crew!!

MAwalkreillysmcadams0014.jpg (131198 bytes)


MAwalkreillysmcadams0018.jpg (110227 bytes)

Casey and Skippy




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