Our Visit to Massachusetts:

Spending time with the Reilly family

May '05

ReillysMAWalk050002.jpg (38610 bytes)

Okay, so I only took this picture during the whole walk/roll!

ReillysMAWalk050005.jpg (144617 bytes)

Connor and Karen playing with switch toys

ReillysMAWalk050006.jpg (135426 bytes)

Connor is using his knee to make the toy go!

ReillysMAWalk050007.jpg (98669 bytes)

Daddy and Casey watching TV at the Reilly's 

ReillysMAWalk050009.jpg (164498 bytes)

Casey snuggling in Tim and Owen's bunk bed (he chose to sleep on the bottom) watching a DVD.

ReillysMAWalk050010.jpg (167567 bytes)

Colin, Connor and Casey

ReillysMAWalk050011.jpg (160509 bytes)





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