Odds & Ends Photos!

(Who knows what you may find here!  LOL!)

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My mom and I in Florida.  We came along with Dad as he was attending a conference.  I think I was about 17.

1987.jpg (125632 bytes)

Gene and I at my parents house in Barton, Vermont.  I think it was 1987.

3oneillkidsR.jpg (196151 bytes)

Peggy, Eugene and Julia O'Neill when they were just tots!


Oneillsibs2R.jpg (175722 bytes)\

And here they are in April 2006  Julia, Peggy and Gene

ONeill5MainStreetR.jpg (172641 bytes)

The O'Neill family outside of           66 Main Street

SueandLaura21R.jpg (165699 bytes)

Laura and Me; I think it may have been my 21st birthday??  HMM, actually I think that's a different picture.  Anyway, this was taken in our house in Huntington


momanddaddressedup.jpg (116847 bytes)

My mom and dad~not sure when!











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