Our 1998 Ford Club Van

(In the Spring of 2006, a family from N.J. donated this van to us!  Our many thanks to this family and to FSMA)

Front_of_new_van.jpg (99975 bytes)

The front!


Looking_from_outside_into_new_van.jpg (96498 bytes)

Here you can see the lift.

Casey_on_bottom_of_lift.jpg (191980 bytes)

Casey going up!


Casey_New_Van.jpg (183514 bytes)

Casey's eyes went RIGHT for the TV! 

Casey_coming_out_of_new_van.jpg (110037 bytes)

Casey coming down.  Nurse Nancy H is on Casey's right and Nurse Terry is on Casey's left.

mom_colin_van_1st_time.jpg (144027 bytes)

This was early in the morning so I just grabbed Colin and brought him into the van to see it.


mom_colin_van_1st_time_2.jpg (138576 bytes) 

He loved it!

mom_colin_1st_drive.jpg (130687 bytes)

Later on, we went for our first drive.




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