Our 1988 GMC, Vandura

(It may not be the most beautiful van, but it has gotten us MANY places for several years now!!   We are very grateful to the person who donated it to Casey.)

van outside.jpg (331368 bytes)

From the side--gorgeous!


van open doors.jpg (294669 bytes)

Here you can see the lift when it's stowed

van rear.jpg (262465 bytes)

From the rear


van inside rear.jpg (281292 bytes)

Inside rear. You can see all of our "to go" bags. We have a diaper bag equipped with diaper supplies and changes of clothes for each boy. A medical bag with backups of just about everything for each boy.  And a toy bag for each boy, too. We also have our charger for our external battery, external battery, jumper cables and an extra long extension cord. we also keep our portable ramps back there, fire extinguisher, and a travel oxygen tank which is set to go. 

van inside back to front.jpg (271953 bytes)

Taken from the back looking forward. The boys are side by side in tie downs in their chairs in tie downs.  We also have a TV and VCR that works sometimes.  LOL!

van inside front to back.jpg (290401 bytes)

This was taken when Gene had the bench seat made into a bed.  It's usually not like this but you can see how spacious it is.

I always keep pillows, a sheet, washable bed pad, hand gel, antibacterial wipes, Kleenex and paper towels back there. I also have easy access to spare g-tube extensions, syringes, cups, and distilled water (when it's not freezing out).


I also keep E-Z-On vests that fit the boys so that they may lie down and be strapped in if they need to get out of their chairs for some reason.   





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