Poems for our Angels...

~by Susan A. O'Neill~

Mom to Casey and Colin

(July 2001)


I See Angels...

I see angels

making me smile

giving me silent kisses


In the corner,

and by my toy box,

peeking in the window,

sharing my stroller,

watching over me.


Nestled near my Raggedy Andy,

perched on my swing,

splashing in my tub,

dancing in the light,

keeping me brave.


Teaching me.


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~by Kim McAdams~

Mom  of Skyler Ann McAdams (aka "The Bingaling")


So Many Angels

in so little time

So many emotions

we can't define

with thoughts, with words,

with an onslaught of tears

that continuously flow

throughout the years


Sometimes we ask why

they had to go

We don't understand

but we want to know

why within a second, a minute,

an hour, a day

our Angels earn wings

and fly away


Do we feel anger, resentment

for our Lord

into His Heavenly Hoard?

Or do we thank Him,

praise Him for His Love

for the Gifts He's given us

from Above?


A little of both

I can believe

when we feel lost

and can only grieve

But I can't feel anger

I can only feel pain

as our babies fall

like droplets of rain

into the arms of the Man

who sent them here

to feel our Love

year after year


Our babies, each one,

are part of a whole

A Heavenly cast

each with a role

to play out but

join us all together

in feeling their love

like the soft sweep of a feather


Some flitter by

and some remain

to continue the love

on Earth's great plain

So my child is yours

and yours is mine

as we deal with these emotions

we can't define


We'll feel each loss

as if it were our own

as each grain of sand

in Time is blown

away by the soft breeze

of our babies' breath

as they greet each adventure

and not call it Death

but Life and Love

and Freedom to play

with our Lord and the Angels

who join them each day


And our babies on Earth

who continue to fight

the battle for Life

(which is their right)?

They'll work together

Angels Earth and Heaven,

an unstoppable team

of powerful Brethren


So give me my shield

and my battle sword as I

fight for our Gifts from

our Heavenly Lord

so that others may know

that our babies were here

giving us Love

year after year...

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~BY: MJ, age 12~

SMA type I plus


*I don't know when I don't know why
But some day we will all die
Some of us will die to early
Some of us will die of old age

*Where and when is not decided by us
It is decided by God
Some will die in mother's arms
Some will die by themselves
But all will die with the love of God

*I really don't know where we go when we die
Maybe its real
Yet maybe not
Perhaps it is only for YOU to decide

Everything I said is all about this one word

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~by: Pamela Leyba-Smith~

Meemaw to Bradley Shane Smith

DOB 4-26-02 Passed into heaven on 12-15-02

Bradley Shane

One soft summer night when the stars are so bright

And the breeze touches your cheeks you'll sigh.

A deep wondering will well within you

And you'll ask "God, are you really there?

Deep inside I know you are, and I try so hard to have faith,

But sometimes God, I feel so lost, confused.

Sometimes I wonder if you hear me when I feel so alone

And sometimes I just wish I could feel your touch,

See your eyes look at me with the love only you can show.

Sometimes I wish I could see your smile,

And know that, somehow everything will be ok."

At this moment you will remember my beautiful, tiny face

With my big blue eyes and my smile that made you laugh.

You'll remember the feel of my soft skin against your heart,

And you'll hear my small voice echoing within.

This is when you will know you have been touched, seen,

And heard by God.

And you'll know that I was sent as his special Angel

So that you could have a glimpse of what heaven is really like.

Love to all, Pam

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