Professor Fred Molecule

AKA Casey O'Neill

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I got my office in August of 2007.  It's upstairs and near our core classrooms.  It's a place I can go to rest and take a break and do work and get away if things get too crazy.  

Oh, by the way, I go my name Professor Fred Molecule from my Communication Facilitator, Kathy.  I'll tell you the story some day.


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Then, in January of 2008, my room got repainted!  I got to choose between blue, green or biscuit.  Biscuit sounded good until I saw it in person, so I picked BLUE.


You can see a little bit of how it's decorated now.  I have rain gutter book shelves.  Kathy's husband made me the wooden Professor Fred Molecule sign.  

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Here I am with my Aunt Julia on my birthday.  Mom and Aunt Julia picked me up early so we could go to the movies.  I'm wearing my special birthday crown!

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