pretend birthday... October 31st since she's orange in color

Sister adopted us many years ago!

She started coming to our house and hanging out and "meowing" outside at night.  Gene and I would hear her and fell awful.  Gene decided to befriend her and gave her some food and a place to sleep.  I wasn't so crazy about keeping her as we already had Kismet, but eventually she became part of our family.  We made flyer and put them up several places and called the veterinarians in the area, but no one recognized her as a lost kitty.  We brought her to the vet and they thought she was young even though her teeth were in poor shape.  Her tail was partially broken so she can't hold it up--it kind of drags.  She is a pretty calico cat.  We sometimes call her the 'gingerbread kitty.'  We named her Sister because Casey already had a brother, our cat, Kismet!  This was even before Colin was born!

rsisterasatuffedanimal.jpg (150218 bytes)

Here Sister is pretending to be a stuffed animal!





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