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pilgrims Casey and Moriah.jpg (32580 bytes)

Pilgrims Moriah and Casey


pilgrims.jpg (36547 bytes)

Casey and his class


My Pictures0001.jpg (30057 bytes)

Making turkey pictures

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watching the parade.jpg (85264 bytes)

Watching the Macy's Day parade


lost in the bean bag!.jpg (81262 bytes)

Horsing around with Nurse Julie

really smiling indian.jpg (75622 bytes)

My smiling Indian

waving the feather.jpg (70219 bytes)

Waving his feather

thanksgiving games on the computer.jpg (88461 bytes)

Doing Thanksgiving mazes

us and ac.jpg (80532 bytes)

Aunt Chris and Us






us and sister okay.jpg (77622 bytes)

Us and Sister the Cat






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