What Colin Likes...

I am one-year-old (plus).  Maybe you could email me and tell me what you like!

Being near Mommy and Daddy

Having people watch me while I show off playing with my toys

Bumping around outside in my Kid Kart

Swinging in the big people swing for hours and hours

My bed

My pacifier

Riding in the van

Pulling on my tube

Playing with my spit

Taking a tub bath and playing with my toys and splashing my arms and kicking my legs

Rocking in the chair

When Aunt Chris comes over after her work and on weekends and gives me attention because Mommy has had it

Laying with my brother and bonking him with my hands or a toy

Some TV shows:  PB & J Otter, Book of Pooh, Rolie Polie Olie

My FAVORITE TOYS:  my piano, "bead curtain", feather pen, Pooh balloon on a stick, whistles, my spinning Sassy toy, my clackers (I have lots because Mommy doesn't ever want to be without one!), jingle bell, anything that I can get my hands on and pick up!  I've played with crumpled paper, chocolate pudding boxes, my comb, diaper wipes (clean ones), pencils, candy wrappers, napkins, you name it!

Tasting sweet things like lollipops, pudding and ice-cream


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