Hi! My name is Ryan, and here is a picture of me the day I got my power wheelchair! I am three years old and have a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type 2. For me, this means I can't run and play like other kids, but I sure have a great time zipping around in my chair! I go to preschool everyday in my power chair, and the coolest part is I get to ride on the school bus!


When I was about one year old, I started to crawl in a funny way. My doctor did a lot of tests on me, and that's how my Mommy and Daddy found out about SMA. Since then we have had a lot of changes in our family.

The biggest change happened this year when we moved to a new city. My Mommy and Daddy wanted to build me a house where I could get around by myself in my wheelchair, so we moved to Sacramento from San Jose. Here is a picture of the wood floors being put in for me! I really like my new house, but I sure do miss my Oma and Opa, Grammy and Grandpa, Uncle Dave, and my Aunt Megan and Uncle Dan who used to live by me! I also have my Aunt Amy, Grandpa Pete, Aunt Julie and Uncle Curt, cousins Hanne and Alec, my Great-Grandpa Oat, and my great-grandma Eddie, who all live in other places. I have all their pictures in my room and look at them every day! I'm so lucky to have lots of people that love me!




One of my favorite things to do is play in the sandbox!
Here's a picture of me at the park by my old house. There are some nice parks here too! I also love to play on my computer! I have about 15 CDs and know how to do everything all by myself! My very favorite toy, though, is my train set and train table. My Opa built me a special table that I can spin around to reach all the trains and stations. You gotta see it!


Well, that's all about me! If you want to help find a cure for my disease or read more about it, go to www.fsma.org.  Thanks for looking! P.S. Say a prayer for my buddy Skylar. He has been pretty sick from SMA lately!


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