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Samuel's Story (cont.)


  Do you like my new

    crocodile walker?




There was bloodwork (7 vials), a cat scan,  and x'rays.  Everything came up normal so he was given a therapist , leg braces, and a crocodile walker to help build his strength. When Samuel was 22 months old, we noticed that he couldn't stand up in his playpen by himself anymore.  We also realized he no longer would try to climb ladders even if we encouraged him to. Then, Samuel began to have slight tremors in his hands and wrists whenever he would use them.  Still, the doctors had no idea what it could be.  While driving home, the radio was broadcasting a special about a little girl in our area that had very similar symptoms as Samuel.  Once we looked it up on the internet, we knew. This was the first time we had ever heard of SMA We asked his doctor to test him and we got the results on September 3, 2004.(Three days before his 2nd birthday) Samuel has SMA type II.  From there we have found many comforts from those who have already been going through this.  Everyone has been incredibly helpful. Samuel is a normal strongwilled boy that will need some different equipment to help him get through life.  But the fact is, he will get through life, and for that we are truly thankful to the Lord.  We asked (we still ask) many questions and spent many hours looking at the stories of others.   We thought it was time to put our story out there, so maybe we could help someone the way that we were helped. So anyone reading this, please feel free to write to us and comment or question.  We would be honored.

Mike and Terri Sawyer

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When I was younger I was able to go up ladders.

I loved to drive my parents nuts with climbing!



Don't let the shy look fool you!


My Dad added hand controls so I can ride my 4 wheeler since my legs don't have the strength to press the pedal. (Thanks Daddy!