Each exercise 3x’s and hold for at least ten seconds.


Shoulder Flexion:  “So Big”

hold shoulder steady w/ one hand, place other hand at Sara’s elbow.  

Keep elbow straight and raise arm forward and up above head and hold.


Shoulder abduction: “Angel Wings”

Hold shoulder steady w/ one hand, place other hand at Sara’s elbow.

Turn palm face up toward Sara and raise arm to the side and up.

Raise arm above head and hold for 10 seconds.


Shoulder external/internal rotation: “Stop-n-Go”

Hold elbow w/ one hand, hold wrist w/ other hand. Bend at elbow to raise arm to shoulder level.

Keep elbow out to side and slowly move Sara’s hand toward her ear.

Keep elbow pointed out and move hand down towards Sara’s hip.


Elbow flexion/ Extension: “Stop-n-Go”

Hold Sara’s arm above and below elbow.

Bend Sara’s arm up to touch her shoulder.

Slowly straighten her arm out.


Forearm Supination & Pronation: “Wrist turn”

Tuck Sara’s elbow in close to body, hold arm into body, and hold forearm w/ other hand.

Turn hand palm up and keep elbow into body.

Turn hand palm down and keep elbow into body.


Wrist flexion & extension: “Wrist Bend back & forward”

Hold forearm w/ one hand and hand w/ other.

Slowly bend hand back and then slowly bend forward.


Wrist ulnar-radial deviation: “Wrist bend side-to-side”

Hold forearm w/ one hand and Sara’s hand w/ other.

Bend hand towards thumb, return.

Bend hand towards little finger, return.


Finger flexion/extension: “Fist”

Hold Sara’s wrist with one hand and hold Sara’s hand w/ other hand.

Slowly bend Sara’s fingers into a fist, hold.

Starting in palm of hand gently straighten fingers.