Evening Shift Routine


3:00pm                    Day mix 200cc + calcium carbonate


                                    Sprint, CPT, KAFO’s 1 hour.


4:00pm                     Stander- 20-60 minutes or more.

                                    Walk, outside swing, or fun activity.


6:00pm                    Day mix 2000cc + Buphenyl


8:00pm                    Respiratory treatment- Nebulizer: Xopenex, pulmicort, atrovent-prn

                                    Cough Assist-prn, Massage pad.

                                    Oral Care- brush teeth, mouth wash, floss.

                                    Rinse Neb w/ distilled H2O,

suction canisters w/ vinegar and add mouth wash.


9:00pm                    Day mix 2000cc + Buphenyl, Q-10, Zyrtec, Cingulair.

                                    Wash w/ soap feeding stuff and syringes.

                                    Vent tummy 9-11pm. Clean mic-key site w/ saline.


10:00pm                  Splints: resting hand splints


10:45pm                   Change diaper, turn Sara over.


11:00pm                   Kangaroo pump- 60ml/hr.

                                  1packet of Vivonex, 16 oz water.